Blueberry Muffins


My best friend recently coerced me into join­ing her lat­est health kick — because that’s what friends are for, right?  Mak­ing each other mis­er­able.  It’s day 3 of my star­va­tion, and  nat­u­rally I’m crav­ing any­thing and every­thing I’m not allowed to eat. Today’s crav­ing: the warm, but­tery deli­cious­ness that is blue­berry muffins. So I con­sulted my true best friend (Google) who would never sub­ject me to such tor­ture; and cour­tesy of the amaz­ingly tal­ented Pio­neer Woman, I found this recipe that uses yogurt.  The muffins are sur­pris­ingly low in fat and high in nour­ish­ment while they still taste like you must be doing some­thing naughty.

So nat­u­rally, I ate half of the entire batch.  Then I gave the other half to my best friend.

Albeit, they do still con­tain sugar and veg­etable oil.  Sorry.  Cheat­ing on diets is always more fun when you bring some­one else down with you.








Mysterious Morning Fog

no trespassing

The small rural town where I grew up has always had a seri­ous fog issue.  I love to go run­ning in places i’m not sup­posed to, so nat­u­rally i ended up here.   and i ripped my new lul­ule­mons on the barbed wire.  #adventureproblems



best run path ever



Farmers Market


Farm­ers Mar­kets are so in right now.  At first I was just grossed out from see­ing Food Inc. and wanted to put my new hand­wo­ven bas­ket to use, but after cook­ing with the fresh veg­gies and see­ing how long the pro­duce lasts when you get it straight from the source, I am a true believer in Farm­ers Mar­kets.   You can find one local to you using this adorable web­site.  Be sure to note the day and hours open, since I’ve found them to be all over the place!




Microwave Toffee


When you want to impress some­one but not actu­ally put a whole lot of effort into it, make this deli­cious and unbe­liev­ably easy Microwave Tof­fee.  This is my mom’s recipe, and I’m warn­ing you: fol­low it exactly.  If you want to make mul­ti­ple batches, do it sep­a­rately — do not dou­ble the ingre­di­ents or mess with the cook times.  OMG it is so good, you guys.  And you prob­a­bly even have the 4 ingre­di­ents already in your house.  I promise the micro-waves won’t hurt your del­i­cate lit­tle body.

Recipe:  Microwave Toffee

1 cube but­ter
¾ cup brown sugar
½ cup chopped wal­nuts
½ cup Ghi­rardelli milk choco­late chips

1.       Put but­ter (from fridge) and brown sugar in microwav­able bowl.
2.       Put in microwave for 1:45 min­utes on high.
3.       Take out and stir WELL.
4.       Put back in microwave for 2:45 more min­utes on high.
5.       Put nuts in bot­tom of pie plate or alu­minum pan. (8 or 9 inches)
6.       When tof­fee is done, pour over nuts (very hot!) and sprin­kle choco­late chips over.  Cover with alu­minum foil for 5 min­utes, then spread the choco­late to smooth it.












0_opening display popover

Besides look­ing cool and being fun to make, Popovers are damn tasty.  They also seem like the type of thing that Jackie O would make, there­fore excel­lent to non­cha­lantly whip up for break­fast next time you’re vis­it­ing the bf’s par­ents.  They are some­what of a cross between a Dan­ish and a bis­cuit (which obvi­ously means they’re yummy!) and you can pair them with just about any­thing — go sweet with jam and honey, or savory with cheeses, vine­gar, and oil.  While they may look tricky to make, they’re actu­ally quite sim­ple.  I fol­lowed this recipe and found that a cou­ple things made them come out espe­cially delicious…

Popover ingredients & supplies

Cracking your eggs

A word of advice from our god­dess of cook­ing Paula Deen — always crack each egg indi­vid­u­ally before putting it in the mix­ing bowl. There’s noth­ing worse than ruin­ing the batch with a bad egg.

Prepare your wet and dry mixes

Pre­pare your wet and dry mixes sep­a­rately before mix­ing together.

mixed popover batter

The con­sis­tency is some­what runny so don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t look like your nor­mal batter!

butter in the pan bottoms

Pour your melted but­ter into the pan first.  After you fill them 3/4 full with bat­ter, the but­ter will rise up.

batter poured in 3/4 full

check them for readiness!

Keep an eye on them, but make sure the edges are brown before you remove from the oven!

let cool for 3 minutes


I love topping with Honey & Jam

I can’t stop at just one — first with honey and then one with jam!  Popovers are to die for, espe­cially when they’re hot.   Hope you enjoy!

...and enjoy!

Peachtinis with Jalapeno

Peachtinis with Jalapeno

For the casual alco­holic, like myself, day drink­ing is one of the utmost joys in life. Through­out the years I’ve stum­bled (quite lit­er­ally) onto some won­der­fully boozy recipes, but there’s one that holds a spe­cial place in my liver: Jalapeño Peachti­nis.  They’re sweet. They’re savory. They’re spicy.  They’re every­thing I want in a drink and a boyfriend.

And because I’m feel­ing mag­nan­i­mous today, mostly because of the Jalapeño Peachtini in front of me, I’ll divulge the recipe. Write it down quick before I change my mind.


12 fresh limes, peach vodka, fresh jalapeno, peach puree.…

ingredients: peaches and limes

juice the limes - pulp is ok!

Peach vodka works perfectly

freeze for a couple hours

then enjoy!

Flowers & Flutes

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My boyfriend doesn’t ever buy me flow­ers. Mostly because he’s Ian Somer­halder and he doesn’t yet know he’s my boyfriend … but that’s beside the point.  For now, I make do as a strong, inde­pen­dent lady and pick my own flow­ers… from my neighbor’s yard. I’d feel bad if she didn’t let her Mas­tiff leave presents in my yard every day. But she does, so here we are.

I picked these par­tic­u­larly lovely Camel­lias today. I had just washed and dried the cham­pagne glasses from a rowdy night of drink­ing alone watch­ing Star Wars … and just like that, inspi­ra­tion struck. I think I’m in love… don’t tell Ian.

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