Blueberry Muffins


My best friend recently coerced me into joining her latest health kick – because that’s what friends are for, right?  Making each other miserable.  It’s day 3 of my starvation, and  naturally I’m craving anything and everything I’m not allowed to eat. Today’s craving: the warm, buttery deliciousness that is blueberry muffins. So I consulted my true best friend (Google) who would never subject me to such torture; and courtesy of the amazingly talented Pioneer Woman, I found this recipe that uses yogurt.  The muffins are surprisingly low in fat and high in nourishment while they still taste like you must be doing something naughty.

So naturally, I ate half of the entire batch.  Then I gave the other half to my best friend.

Albeit, they do still contain sugar and vegetable oil.  Sorry.  Cheating on diets is always more fun when you bring someone else down with you.








Mysterious Morning Fog

no trespassing

The small rural town where I grew up has always had a serious fog issue.  I love to go running in places i’m not supposed to, so naturally i ended up here.   and i ripped my new lululemons on the barbed wire.  #adventureproblems



best run path ever



Farmers Market


Farmers Markets are so in right now.  At first I was just grossed out from seeing Food Inc. and wanted to put my new handwoven basket to use, but after cooking with the fresh veggies and seeing how long the produce lasts when you get it straight from the source, I am a true believer in Farmers Markets.   You can find one local to you using this adorable website.  Be sure to note the day and hours open, since I’ve found them to be all over the place!




Microwave Toffee


When you want to impress someone but not actually put a whole lot of effort into it, make this delicious and unbelievably easy Microwave Toffee.  This is my mom’s recipe, and I’m warning you: follow it exactly.  If you want to make multiple batches, do it separately – do not double the ingredients or mess with the cook times.  OMG it is so good, you guys.  And you probably even have the 4 ingredients already in your house.  I promise the micro-waves won’t hurt your delicate little body.

Recipe:  Microwave Toffee

1 cube butter
¾ cup brown sugar
½ cup chopped walnuts
½ cup Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips

1.       Put butter (from fridge) and brown sugar in microwavable bowl.
2.       Put in microwave for 1:45 minutes on high.
3.       Take out and stir WELL.
4.       Put back in microwave for 2:45 more minutes on high.
5.       Put nuts in bottom of pie plate or aluminum pan. (8 or 9 inches)
6.       When toffee is done, pour over nuts (very hot!) and sprinkle chocolate chips over.  Cover with aluminum foil for 5 minutes, then spread the chocolate to smooth it.












0_opening display popover

Besides looking cool and being fun to make, Popovers are damn tasty.  They also seem like the type of thing that Jackie O would make, therefore excellent to nonchalantly whip up for breakfast next time you’re visiting the bf’s parents.  They are somewhat of a cross between a Danish and a biscuit (which obviously means they’re yummy!) and you can pair them with just about anything – go sweet with jam and honey, or savory with cheeses, vinegar, and oil.  While they may look tricky to make, they’re actually quite simple.  I followed this recipe and found that a couple things made them come out especially delicious…

Popover ingredients & supplies

Cracking your eggs

A word of advice from our goddess of cooking Paula Deen – always crack each egg individually before putting it in the mixing bowl. There’s nothing worse than ruining the batch with a bad egg.

Prepare your wet and dry mixes

Prepare your wet and dry mixes separately before mixing together.

mixed popover batter

The consistency is somewhat runny so don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t look like your normal batter!

butter in the pan bottoms

Pour your melted butter into the pan first.  After you fill them 3/4 full with batter, the butter will rise up.

batter poured in 3/4 full

check them for readiness!

Keep an eye on them, but make sure the edges are brown before you remove from the oven!

let cool for 3 minutes


I love topping with Honey & Jam

I can’t stop at just one – first with honey and then one with jam!  Popovers are to die for, especially when they’re hot.   Hope you enjoy!

...and enjoy!

Peachtinis with Jalapeno

Peachtinis with Jalapeno

For the casual alcoholic, like myself, day drinking is one of the utmost joys in life. Throughout the years I’ve stumbled (quite literally) onto some wonderfully boozy recipes, but there’s one that holds a special place in my liver: Jalapeño Peachtinis.  They’re sweet. They’re savory. They’re spicy.  They’re everything I want in a drink and a boyfriend.

And because I’m feeling magnanimous today, mostly because of the Jalapeño Peachtini in front of me, I’ll divulge the recipe. Write it down quick before I change my mind.


12 fresh limes, peach vodka, fresh jalapeno, peach puree….

ingredients: peaches and limes

juice the limes - pulp is ok!

Peach vodka works perfectly

freeze for a couple hours

then enjoy!

Flowers & Flutes

My boyfriend doesn’t ever buy me flowers. Mostly because he’s Ian Somerhalder and he doesn’t yet know he’s my boyfriend … but that’s beside the point.  For now, I make do as a strong, independent lady and pick my own flowers… from my neighbor’s yard. I’d feel bad if she didn’t let her Mastiff leave presents in my yard every day. But she does, so here we are.

I picked these particularly lovely Camellias today. I had just washed and dried the champagne glasses from a rowdy night of drinking alone watching Star Wars … and just like that, inspiration struck. I think I’m in love… don’t tell Ian.

2_on the plant

3_medium shot


5_finished product